Two Main Safety Assessment Methods

Being in fashion age, women can do almost anything to look good. The extent women can go to look good cannot be determined. This is why manufacturers of cosmetic products keep churning out products at an alarming rate. But no matter how effective products are, all products have side effects no matter how minimal.

In fact some companies have had to compensate victims of these side effects. Over the years, compensation to victims of side effects issues has wrecked a lot of companies. Now, most cosmetic manufacturers test their products thoroughly sometimes for years before launching them.

A lot of them subject guinea pigs and some other animals to this test to check the effect of their cosmetic products. They use animal samples to test efficacy of the products and also test if there are side effects. What they mostly look out for are the effect on the skin and if it causes irritation to the eyes.

It is quite unfortunate that while a lot of positive results have been achieved through this test, a lot of animals have either died or got deformed for life. A lot of animals have suffered enormously from side effects of these products. Now, a lot of countries have banned the use of animals for cosmetic testing and more countries may still ban it as a lot of them are still deliberating on it.

As popular as animal cosmetic testing is, it has two major drawbacks. The effect of certain products on animal may not be the same effect it will have on human beings. This is a major one. So, the result of animal test only provides inaccurate guide. Secondly, cosmetics animal tests are quite expensive as a whole lot of animals are required for it.

Another safety test apart from animal testing is challenge test. This is the process of introducing a certain micro-organism to a product to see what will happen to the product at every production stage of the product. Like in animal testing, the major aim is to put the safety of the product and its production processes to a test.

In summary, challenge test is used to determine the safety of a product from production stage to storage stage and even up to when it is being consumed. It also helps to determine a product’s life span after which it is no longer safe for consumption. It is also used to determine the best quantity of each ingredient for the safest output.

In conclusion, both tests have their advantages and their drawbacks. However, they are incomparable as each of them serves a slightly different purpose even though their end point is determination of their safety. Cosmetics animal testing is used for products you apply externally like body cream while challenge test is for products you consume like a kind of drink.