The Uniqueness of Managing Cardiovascular Diseases based on Holistic Methods

With more than 26 years of experience in American medical industry Dr. Lowell Gerber MD is a veteran and extremely demanding cardiologist in Maine. With a view to offer patients with comprehensive healthcare and management solutions for obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension and all allied diseases that damage one’s heart health, he founded Freeland Lifestyle & Age Management Medicine LLC, in Freeport Maine.

Meanwhile, in a number of press meeting and reality shows, the eminent cardiologist has expressed his concern about the increasing rate of patients with various complications that are harming to normal cardiovascular function. Followed by his first reality show in The LIV-IN LA VIDA LOW CARB’ in 2012 as its Chief Guest, Dr. Gerber together with his fellow physicians has convened different awareness programs. In all these curriculums he specifically mentioned the extreme necessity of low carbohydrate usage in combination of standard medication which is the only way to get rid of diabetic tendency as well as obese.

As per the learned cardiologist that nutrition plays a vital role and helps achieve overall wellbeing what is the chief objective. Considering the hectic livelihood of the general people he strongly believes that people should have greater control over their lifestyle, food-habit while they think of undergoing certain workout sessions that result wonderful. Dr. Mary who is a Kansas fellow physician also exchanged her good ideas about the rehab methods of using carb controlled diets for management of obese. Dr. Lowell I Gerber initiated his project Freeland healthcare unit with the objective to educate patients the unique ways to reduce chronic hypertension, blood sugar level and overweight. In this medical facility patients are offered healthcare services based on their individualized issues. As for example, genetic factors make these complications chronic and severe in many cases.

With his long practices in the field, Dr Gerber emphasizes the genetic issues quite seriously. And accordingly, if it is assessed from a patient’s medical history that he/she has a hereditary problem then they are treated based on comprehensive holistic approach based methodologies.  People living in or around Maine areas and has been suffering from persisting hypertension, high blood pressure or overweight can meet doctors at the above facility or at BIO-INDIVIDUAL health Strategies, LLC, another setting of Dr Lowell, located in Freeport only. When it comes to the insurance factor, Dr. Lowell Gerber MD accepts the majority of medical insurances including CIGNA HMO, CIGNA PPO, UHC Navigate POS, UHC Choice+ POS and more.

For the people of Maine that tends having the 2nd highest number of Autism patients, Dr. Lowell I Gerber has introduced a highly equipped management center for Autism victim kids, named Young-Learner ME. Dr Lowell holds both BS and MS degree. He completed his graduation in 1970 from University of Illinois with major in Physiology of Exercise. He got his Doctorate degree MD from the well-known Loyola University located in Chicago. He has undergone residence curriculum in Internal Medicine and received fellowship in Cardiology from University of South Florida. He is an expert of management of workplace bullying.