The Kid Dentist Washington DC

When it comes to your child, you obviously want the best care possible for them so why not go to the Kid dentist Washington DC? They always work extra hard to try and welcome you and your child to the dental office. Their practice is based on preventative care and prevention is key to keeping your child cavity-free. The dentists at the Kid dentist Washington DC perform all the regular aspects of dentistry which are the following:

  1. Having regular checkups, cleaning and a fluoride treatment.
  2. Dental treatment under general anesthesia.
  3. Custom made night guards and sports guards.
  4. Parents are welcome to be with the child through their treatment.
  5. Restorative treatment, which includes caps, root canals and more.
  6. Evening hours available.
  7. Interceptive orthodontic treatments.
  8. Protective sealants and conscious sedation in the office.

Just like at any dentist office, they have an emergency phone line in case something ever happens. There are dental emergencies that need to be treated immediately which include a toothache, cut or bitten tongue, lip or cheek, knocked out permanent tooth, broken brace and wires, broken tooth and several other emergency conditions. For a toothache it is important to clean the area around the sore tooth and rinse the mouth with salt and water or use dental floss to dislodge trapped food or debris. Never put aspirin on a toothache. If you knock out a permanent tooth it is important to find it right away and put it in milk or cold water if you cannot temporarily hold it back in with gauze. Time is crucial when it comes to saving a tooth. When it comes to broken brace and wires if you can take it out then do so, if not cover it with a gauze, cotton ball or even chewing gum. There are other serious emergency conditions such as possible broken jaw you have to try and keep the jaw from moving. When you have a broken tooth, rinse the dirt from the injured area with warm water and place cold compress over the face in the area of the injury, locate and save the broken tooth fragments and seek a dentist right away.

At the Kid dentist Washington DC, they believe that a great experience at an early age will leave a positive and a remarkable experience for the rest of the child’s life. A first visit at a dentist will be able to shape the attitude of the child towards a dental visit for the rest of their lives.