Plastic Surgery Tourism: Separating Facts From Fiction

The biggest myth in regard to medical tourism and people seeking medical treatment abroad concerns the fact in the media especially, medical tourism is often called out as dangerous and in many cases unnecessary.

However, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In the UK and USA for example, people can be required to wait months and sometimes even years for important surgery appointments. This being the case, medical travel not only helps thousands of people every year access medical treatment more expeditiously but also helps relive some of the burden on at home hospitals and medical centers.

The Simple Do’s & Don’ts of Plastic Surgery Tourism

Medical tourism is sometimes regarded as dangerous because of occasional shock and horror stories in the press detailing plastic surgery tourism disasters. From exploding breast implants to liposuction gone horribly wrong, medical tourism in relation to plastic surgery is simply considered to be a no-go area for many people.

However, when plastic surgery tourism does go wrong, it’s usually only because people seeking treatment abroad have chosen to seek such treatment in countries with poorly regulated medical services. Plastic surgery after all, is expensive. This being the case, people often take unnecessary risks by trusting their treatment to clinics in developing world countries with poor standards of patient care and questionably qualified medical professionals.

The simple solution in this case, is to simply never take the risk of boarding a flight to a country where you can’t be assured of the same level of medical professionalism as you can be in your home country.

Plastic Surgery Tourism Benefits

A second misconception associated with plastic surgery tourism is that plastic surgery tourism itself is a vanity industry. If a patient decides to travel overseas for medical treatment, it’s often assumed that they are only doing so in order to undergo breast implant and purely cosmetic procedures, ones which there is never really any real urgency for.

However, this isn’t actually true. In the UK and USA, people often have to wait months and years for not just approved cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, but also reconstructive surgeries after accidents. This being the case, medical tourism provides people with a way to gain faster access to high-quality private medical care which they would otherwise have to wait months and years for in their home countries.

How To Go About Plastic Surgery Tourism Safely 

The key to going about plastic surgery tourism safely is to partner with trusted medical tourism agencies such as Salutara, ones who can arrange medical care in leading private clinics in well-regulated countries such as the Czech Republic. This way, people seeking treatment abroad can rest assured that they will receive the best treatment possible, whilst also saving significantly in regard to the overall costs associated with such treatment.