Kaleabis: Why You Could Soon Be Having a Kale & Cannabis Smoothie

With the recent relaxation in the various cannabis laws across America, many states allow the recreational use of cannabis. A Brooklyn based company have manufactured a unique mixture of kale and cannabis and called it “kaleabis”, and this could bring a cannabis jobs boost to the area. Kale is often seen as a “super food”, so combining this with cannabis could be quite a good combination. Naturally, we get excited by any new application for cannabis, so we thought we’d investigate this idea in greater detail.

This Kaleabis idea was initially launched on Kickstarter, where the company behind the kaleabis smoothie tried to seek funding to get their innovation off the ground. The owners laid out the supposed benefits that combining cannabis and kale could provide and the campaign caught fire, and the company managed to get many investors and reached their funding goal with 5 days. Quite impressive!

Off the back of this successful funding venture, the owners decided to move to the liberal Santa Clara in CA in order to have access to the finest strains of cannabis available to ensure their kaleabis smoothies were top quality. After a few unsuccessful breeding programmes, the owners had doubts whether combining cannabis and kale was a viable idea. They even considered using another “super food” broccoli, but they stuck with their idea and managed to make a viable product by combining indica strains which managed to combine well with kale.

Will we see Cannabis Drinks become more widespread?

Many dispensaries are advertising the fact that they will have these kaleabis smoothies available in their dispensaries this summer. It is important to note that these kaleabis products will only be available in states that have legalized cannabis. There are numerous potential benefits that could be realized by juicing cannabis, such as preventing the spread of cancer (still subject of much scientific debates) or helping with generalized chronic back pain.

These kaleabis juice products could be especially beneficial to people who want to drink the juice for the psychoactive benefits that cannabis can provide. Psychoactive elements in cannabis such as THC can give the human body added protection from many diseases, and by combining the cannabis with various vegetables, it could be a potentially delicious (and healthier) way to use cannabis instead of smoking it. It has been found that marijuana can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, aswell as an anti-oxidant, so adding cannabis to your diet could prove extremely beneficial.

It is important to note that you won’t get high from drinking this kaleabis juice product as heat is required to convert the psychoactive element within cannabis into a state where it will affect your brain. Making this kaleabisjuice requires just raw kale and cannabis blended together, sokaleabis juice will be easy to make in the comfort of your own home. It is certainly worth keeping an eye on these cannabis juices, and who knows, in a few years time, we may see these juices on the shelfs of Walmart.