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How Sydneysiders Are Maintaining Their Health

By April 2, 2019 No Comments

 Have you ever asked yourself what is the secret of Sydneysiders? How is it possible to spend all day long just lying on the beach, improving that tan while maintaining a perfect biorhythm?  Somehow it seems like they feed of the sunrays and the smell of the sea. But as much as we would like to think that their secret is hidden in the ancient doctrine of photosynthesis, the truth is a tad more different. Behind the scene of joyful beach potatoes lies a completely different story, which is not that far from reality. A simple combination of these two crucial factors is enough to keep them up and going:


Contrary to popular belief, Sydneysiders area actually very much active and spend a lot of their time exercising. And yes, surfing does count as exercise. Their secret is quite simple – they do not work out, they just have fun. So instead of complaining about going for a morning jog, you will quite often see a Sydneysider going for bushwalk, a walk along the coastline or cycling on one of the amazing cycle paths. Water sports are very much represented in Sydney, so that is why many of the locals indulge in different fun activities like surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking. They also have a wide array of gym chains and recreational centres which offer numerous classes and exotic fitness regimes.


Another important factor that plays a major role in the health and wellbeing of Sydneysiders is their specific type of diet. Well the diet is not so much specific as it is balanced, healthy and based on real foods. This is why Sydney is well-equipped with an abundance of organic restaurants and food joints that offer an exquisite range of healthy and fresh foods. Seafood is quite popular among the locals, but also some specialties like mushrooms in almond milk, poached eggs with gluten free bread or some frozen yoghurt for dessert. Because of the climate, they also have a habit of eating a lot of light foods, so there are a variety of salads always on the menu.  Fresh and organic fruits and veggies are considered an essential part of their diet, as they are refreshing, light and give them the vitamin boost needed to withstand the sometimes unbearable wether conditions. For instance, fruits still represent the best snack for busy Sydneysiders in CBD so it is not uncommon for them to order a Sydney-based fruit box.

With the perfect combination of sun, the seaside, fun sports activities and fresh foods it is no wonder that Sydneysiders manage to maintain perfect health and looks. This is actually a good opportunity to learn some valuable lessons about leading a healthy lifestyle. We already knew that the key is hidden in healthy dieting and regular exercising, but what we did not know is that these two do not necessarily have to tiresome and tedious. So the next time you decide to get your life back on track, try to create your own micro universe that will resemble Sydney.