Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)? Put bluntly it’s a very common condition in men, who have difficulty getting or sustaining an erection. It’s often referred to as impotence.

This is, for many, a rather taboo, embarrassing subject; not something to boast about over a pint and a packet of crisps. But come on, let’s be honest boys, we’ve all, at some time, been in that awkward situation when the tackle don’t respond as it ought. Diagnosis is usually ‘Brewers’ Droop’

For others among us the problem is more irritating, more recurrent and most frustrating; frustrating for all concerned!

Furthermore the condition can trigger feelings of overall inadequacy, guilt and insecurity. It really is a problem that needs addressing!

Erectile dysfunction is not unusual. Should you have a problem then go to your local surgery.

Seek advice from your GP.

You will soon be reassured, they’ve been there done that …

Your GP will need to assess whether the problem is physical or psychological, usually stress related.

Prescription could be pills to alleviate stress or maybe a simple change of diet. Can’t think what else a doctor can? Oh yes, he or she could go Gung-ho and reach for … the VIAGRA; the Holy Grail of all things manly.

One way or another your GP will more than likely get you up and ready to go for it.

Viagra is not for everyone! 

Some of us do suffer from the side effects of taking Viagra, particularly headaches. But there is as always a backup plan; there are highly rated remedies that do not contain Viagra and therefore are unlikely to have horrible side effects.

The answer to your problem may only be an internet click away and it won’t cost you a fortune to try non-intrusive ‘tablets’ that have worked for many, many couples.

Kamagra Deals ( is one such site, highly rated with a strong appreciative customer base. They will offer friendly advice, or you can just buy and try their products without any one to one contact.

Whatever you do, do something!

Your doctor is the first obvious port of call. Get advice but don’t be afraid to try alternative remedies; find out what exactly works for you!

You will find the answer, persevere as though your wife depends on it!

OK that was naff.

Good luck!