About Hearing Aid Batteries

Every hearing aid wearer knows the importance of hearing aid batteries. Therefore, once a hearing aid is purchased, it becomes a necessity to purchase hearing aid batteries. These batteries occupy a very important place in the life of a hearing aid as they give a constant power supply without which they cannot work effectively. The most widely used type of hearing aid battery is the Zinc-air battery. There is a lot to learn about the Zinc-air battery. If you’re unsure which size or model you need contact Lawrence Hearing, a local San Diego hearing aid center who specializes in hearing aid instruments and batteries.

The Zinc-Air Battery

As earlier stated, Zinc-Air Batteries are widely used among hearing aid wearers. Zinc-Air batteries are produced in a way that they are only activated by air. They are also sealed with a factory sticker. In other words, they all remain in an inactive state until that sticker is removed. Once the sticker is removed, oxygen that is present in the air mixes with the zinc through tiny pores in the battery and this activates the battery. However, this note of caution should be taken when utilizing Zinc-Air batteries, before the battery is inserted in the hearing aid device, it should first be left to the open air for at least one minute so as to ensure that it is fully activated before been placed in the hearing aid. Once the battery is activated, it cannot be deactivated until the battery is drained, not even if the sticker is placed back on the battery.

Zinc -Air batteries are usually stable for up to three years if they are placed in a dry environment or kept in a room temperature with the sticker in place from the manufacturer. It is however not advised to store Zinc-air batteries in the refrigerator this does not in any way help the battery, as a matter of fact storing your batteries in the fridge may activate the battery prior to the time when it is supposed to be used.

Sizes of Hearing Aid Batteries.

There are basically 4 predominant and or common sizes of hearing aid batteries. They are all color coded for easy identification. What this means is that all a hearing aid wearer needs to remember is his color and not the size necessarily. The sizes and color codes are listed below:

  • Size 675. This has a blue color code with an 11.6 mm ×5.4 mm dimension and it is typically used for Power BTE hearing aids.
  • Size 13. This has an orange color code with a 7.9 mm ×5.4 mm dimension and it is typically used for BTE hearing aids and ITE hearing aids.
  • Size 312. This has a brown color code with a 7.9mm ×3.6 mm dimension and it is typically used for Mini BTE hearing aids, RITE hearing aids, ITC hearing aids.
  • Size 10. This has a yellow color code with a 5.8 mm × 3.6 mm dimension and it is typically used for Mini RITE hearing aids and CIC hearing aids.

Battery Longevity.

A lot of people have asked this same question, ‘how long does hearing aids battery last?’ There is no straight answer to this question as a lot of things can be the determinant factor of how long a hearing aid battery will last. These factors include the age of the battery in question, severity of the wearer’s hearing loss and also environmental conditions. Notwithstanding all these factors, the battery life of the batteries can be extended with the following tips;

  • When the batteries are not in use, they should be removed from the hearing aid.
  • The battery compartment should be left open overnight as this will allow any built-up moisture from the day to evaporate.
  • Batteries should not be kept where they will have contact with other metal items which can short circuit the hearing aid batteries.

If you’re in need of hearing aid batteries or are experiencing issues with your batteries please contact Lawrence Hearing Aid Center to discuss your options. Hearing aid repair San Diego call 760-729-8581.