3 Ways Springfield Residents Can Improve Their Moods Without Substance Abuse

You may have heard that happiness is a journey, not a destination.  This mysterious quality can seem elusive, as we struggle with feelings of isolation or even self-loathing.  In fact, the downward spiral of unhappiness often is what led to addiction in the first place.  So, how can Springfield residents on the road to recovery at a drug rehab in Springfieldimprove their moods without substance abuse?  Beyond 12-step programs and cat posters, we are here for you. Try these three things.

  1. Exercise

We all know the former drug addict who becomes an exercise addict.  It’s true exercise gets a bad rep for being a replacement, or substitute addiction.  However, the vast majority of regular exercisers are not addicted.  Exercise has a host of other benefits including:

Drug Rehab

  • Increasing energy, naturally
  • Balancing hormones, including brain chemicals
  • Leading to a “natural high,”a safe one
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Increasing longevity, particularly of quality of life in older age
  • Improving looks, like better posture, better skin and possible weight balance (gain or lose according to your body’s needs)

The benefits of exercise improve cumulatively, so get started!

  1. Service

Community service might be viewed as “your debt to society,”not a very positive-sounding prospect, but community service leads to all kinds of personal benefits.  Take a look at this list:

  • You gain professional experience.
  • You meet people who care about the community.
  • You gain new friends, ones with a common goal of service.
  • You see the needs of others, which can help us get our heads out of our own problems.
  • You make a difference in people’s lives.

Springfield offers an abundance of service clubs, church service groups and other community volunteer opportunities.  The first few times or projects might be new or strange, but you’ll soon find your happiness growing as you serve others after being at a substance addiction Springfield center where people were serving you.

  1. Education

You might not look back on your school days fondly.  It may even have been when addiction started then you went through a drug rehab Springfield program.  But education can actually improve your mood.  Try these things:

  • Most adults don’t read, but most successful ones do.  If you read a book a month for a year on the same topic, it’s roughly the equivalent of taking a class in that subject, but cheaper!  Public libraries are still free.
  • Take a class. Maybe you always wanted to learn to draw, or you never learned how to balance your checkbook.  Taking a class in a real-life skill can help you gain confidence and possibly improve your job prospects.

Aristotle said,“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”Just remember it’s a journey.