Use the maple syrup in your favorite dishes

It is likely that what is being talked about here isn’t the “waffle syrup” or “pancake syrup” that you keep in your cupboard or fridge. Those most likely are just imitations of genuine maple syrup, simply maple-flavored to please your palate. Genuine Maple Syrup Direct comes from the sap of maple trees, particularly the sugar and black maples, particularly those in Quebec, Canada where 80% of the world’s maple syrup is produced.

Process to get the maple syrup:

  • It all begins with the trees, or more specifically their barks. An incision or hole is made in them, deep enough to let the sap from within flow through spouts or taps which are placed on the hole.
  • The sap is collected in buckets or through piping which leads to sugarhouses or evaporators. In these places, the sap is boiled until it turns into thicker, sweeter syrup.
  • The boiling sap, upon reaching a temperature of about 219 °F (104 °C), should have a density of at least 66% sugar, as tested by a hydrometer. The syrup will not be with the ideal sweetness and will quickly spoil if the proper density is not reached, and if it is exceeded the syrup will only crystallize once they are in their bottles.
  • If the proper density is reached, however, it can already be drawn off, filtered, and packaged. This is now the maple syrup whose taste people have come to associate with pancakes for breakfast.

Get maple syrup from online shop:

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