The virus named Zika and its effects on Pregnancy

Zika virus is primarily a virus which is caused by the by aedes Moquitoes. These mosquitoes contain a certain type of virus and when they bite any person this virus is transmitted to body of that person. Anyone who is suffering from this disease can report symptoms like mild fever, pain in muscles and joint, rashes in skin and headache. There is still research going on about the cure of this virus and at present there is no specific treatment available. The best way is to stay away from any kind of mosquito bite.

This virus named Zika was first reported in humans in African country of Uganda and slowly and steadily has spread all over the world with Asia and Africa being the prime centre where it is causing much damage. As they say precaution is better than cure the same is applied in case of this virus, one can simply avoid this disease by ensuring an effective mosquito control system in their house or place of their work.


Zika disease and pregnant women –

The centre for Disease Control and prevention has claimed that this virus can cause serious concerns to the fetus of a pregnant woman. It has been established as a fact that if the pregnant woman is suffering from this disease then the disease is easily transmitted to her fetus, and in turn it can cause serious birth defects in the child related to the composition of his brain structure. The child might get a wrong brain structure due to which there can be wrong head structure. The virus can also cause other defects such as visible or hearing impairments.

In view of the above stated fact it is highly advisable that in areas where this virus is present pregnant woman should take better precautions and ensure that they do not get bit by any kind of mosquito to prevent any defect to the new born.