At Home Live Virtual Pilates with a 1-on-1 Instructor

Pilates is a fitness regime that benefits the mind, body and soul with its gentle approach to building body strength and mental awareness. In today’s society Pilates along with Yoga are so highly in demand that many clients are barely able to afford classes. Pathos Pilates is making this easier by taking Pilates to a virtual platform, and offering clients all around the world a select few, handpicked instructors who can help them with their physical goals, at the most affordable prices.

I’m going to cover the benefits of at home Virtual Pilates with a 1-on-1 Instructor training, our key objective & who we cater too, as well as offer you a 10% off discount you can use at anytime.

Pathos Pilates is a Virtual Pilates Studio offering live 1-on-1 Instructor training via Skype, Face-time and Google Hangouts. You don’t need to go anywhere and can even access a trainer when on holidays, work trips or anywhere around the world online at any time, saving you more in travel time & money and membership subscriptions.

Pathos Pilates provides private 1-on-1 Instructor Pilates sessions as well as consultations to with our instructors discuss you’re physical issues and fitness goalsthat our instructors will then create for you. Our key objective is to provide easy and affordable access to a Pilates Instructor for anyone who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle on an affordable budget and limited time. This will suit anyone from College/University Students, to stay at home mums & dads, entrepreneurs, retirees, those working from home or simply to those who prefer to work-out at home in their own time.

Enjoy your own hand picked, highly trained and skilled instructor anytime/anywhere and at affordable/competitive prices, you won’t find anywhere else. To try a class or consultation use discount code ‘Pathos10’ for 10% off the total price. For more about our deals / news join us at

Having your own at home Live Virtual Pilates 1-on-1 Instructor means you will have more time to spend with friends, family, loved ones, as well as being able to save money whilst maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pathos Pilates are here to support their clients with their knowledge and help them achieve their fitness goals. Use the code above to enjoy the benefits of having your own Pilates Instructor whenever, wherever is most convenient for you.

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