Why does our skin wrinkle over time?

Is wrinkling just a natural part of aging process? Why does the skin wrinkle as we age? Why people with same age have different amounts of wrinkles? Well these are few questions that people have been trying to answer for thousands of years. Most of the time people blame genetics which is an easy way out. Saying that someone has good genes that’s why they look good is no more a thing to be believed in.

Today people spend good amount of money to take care of their skin, whether it is about using Botox injections, applying anti-wrinkle cream or any other natural method, people are capable of going to any extent just to look good. Well research has shown that not only aging but there are several other factors that contribute towards wrinkles. Beside this genetics also somehow contribute towards aging process.

Some people are lucky and their skin seems to have more resilience, smoothness and elasticity. Others must work harder to keep up their youthful appearance. Given below are few causes that lead to wrinkles:

  • Habitual facial expressions–squinting for example
  • Eating unhealthy and junk food
  • Decrease in the production of collagen and elastin fibers
  • Slow production of new cells
  • Low level of hyaluronic acid
  • Excessive skin dryness
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Long skin exposure to scorching sun
  • AGEs–advanced glycation end-products
  • Free Radical Damage
  • Sleeping on your side or stomach night after night

Well every cause has its own way of treating it. Most of the people nowadays opt for Botox injections and anti-aging creams which have proven to be an easy way to get rid of wrinkles. Well these treatments are a bit costly and do have side effects after prolonged use. If you little scared of opting for these treatments you can choose anti-wrinkle pillows which don’t have any side effects and are as effective as these treatments.

These are the best pillow for side sleepers who find it uneasy to sleep on their backs. These pillows have fine quality copper woven inside them which boosts up the production of collagen which keeps the skin healthy and wrinkle