Treating Aging Hands with Radiesse

Glow Medispa is Treating Aging Hands with Radiesse

Seattle is a city that has built a reputation for being health-conscious. Seattle residents are concerned about what they eat, they exercise regularly, and they avoid habits that can be damaging to their health. For this reason, many Seattle residents look a lot younger than they truly are. While having a good diet and a healthy lifestyle can minimize some of the early signs of aging on a person’s face, there is one part of the body that no amount of healthy living can keep looking young, and that is your hands. The hands are the body’s most age telling feature. Thankfully, Katherine Dee MD and the amazing staff at Glow MediSpa have been able to help patients minimize the signs of aging on their hands using Radiesse.

How Do Our Hands Give Away Our Age?

When Seattle residents visit the Glow MediSpa with concerns about the appearance of their hands, some of their concerns revolve around the fact that their hands have lost their firmness, they have lost volume, they look fragile, and they look bony. Many of the patients who Katherine Dee MD treats with Radiesse have hands with vein or joint protrusion. The skin on their hands may show sunspots or freckles.

Many of Dr. Katherine Dee’s patients are surprised at how quickly their hands age, especially because they use hand cream. But as the doctor is quick to point out, hand cream is not enough. It helps, but something more is needed to keep your hands looking young.

Using Radiesse as a Filler for Your Hands

Katherine Dee MD uses Radiesse at the Glow MediSpa because it provides immediate positive results. It can plump a person’s hands and give their hands the volume it needs to look young and supple. When Katherine Dee MD injects Radiesse into a patients hand, their skin level raises to a point that tendons, veins, and joints are no longer so pronounced. The results are instant and long-lasting.

Some of Dr. Katherine Dee’s patients are surprised to learn that in addition to adding volume to the hand, Radiesse creates a basis that can be used by the body to produce more collagen. Collagen is the compound that the body produces to keep the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Radiesse Has a Proven Track Record

Radiesse has a proven track record. It has been used in facial contouring and in cheek and chin augmentation. Some of the benefits of Radiesse is that it stays soft, it stays malleable, and it feels natural. Radiesse has the unique ability to mimic the characteristics of the surrounding tissue.

The results of this procedure last for between 1 to 2 years. It is a safe product that does not trigger an allergic reaction. It immediately addresses wrinkles, scars, and increases lost hand volume.

Seattle residents who visit Katherine Dee MD at the Glow MediSpa can have the confidence that their hand revitalization procedure is being performed by someone who has a firm grasp on the medical and the aesthetic aspects of the procedure. They know that when they walk out the door of the clinic, their hands are going to look better than they have in years.