How Can You Be Sure Cosmetics Are Safe?

You want to look your best and have confidence that your looks present the style and appearance that you desire to the world. You also need to be sure that all of the cosmetics that you use are safe. You definitely do not want to acquire a disease or use a cosmetic that permanently damages you or any part of your body. Two of the most important regimens agreed to by the majority of the cosmetic manufacturers in the world that help assure your safety are ISO 22716 and microbiology testing. Not all cosmetic manufacturers abide by these strict guidelines. Those that do use these safety measures make the fact known to you on the packaging or in the instructions.

ISO 22716 is a huge set of regulations and standards that the most conscientious cosmetic manufacturers abide by. The standards cover selection and testing of raw materials, finished product testing, training of the personnel that manufacture and test cosmetics, and the cleanliness and sanitation of the manufacturing facility. These regulations include strict codes concerning safe packaging of cosmetics, proper shipping standards, and how to handle products that are not up to standard. The rules also provide specific steps that must be taken in the event that a product has been found to cause a problem with users. The routines involve a scrupulous documentation of all manufacturing steps, lab tests, and cosmetic batch numbers.

These standards require that all facets of cosmetic manufacturing be audited on a regular basis by a third party to ensure that all the standards are strictly adhered to. The certification is a privilege that is earned by constant attention to quality and can be removed if a facility fails to meet all of the rigorous standards required.

Microbiology testing is a part of the normal testing of the raw materials, production vessels, lab equipment, and people who work in a cosmetic manufacturing facility. Dangerous and deadly bacteria are a constant threat to the safe production of cosmetics. Bacteria can survive in the most extreme environments.

Cosmetic manufacturers constantly test the entire facility, the personnel, and all equipment used in cosmetic manufacturing for bacteria, fungi, and viruses that could cause harm to a customer. Each species of bacteria can be detected with specific tests for that type of bacteria.

The majority of cosmetics that you buy in any store or salon have been tested. You may find that the latest and supposedly greatest new cosmetic advertised on the internet has not been subjected to the rigorous testing that insures your safety and health. You guarantee your safety and health by looking for products that have been completely tested and approved.

Cosmetic testing is a voluntary action on the part of conscientious manufacturers. The system is not absolutely perfect and mistakes do happen. You have to consider that the number of cosmetics consumed and used safely far exceeds the few that do not.