Major Breakthrough in Sleep Apnea Research brings exciting new product!

The frustration about lack of progress in Sleep Apnea research

For years scientists and doctors have been desperately involved in Sleep Apnea Research, looking for a cure to this deadly disease.

Sleep Apnea affects around 18 million sufferers in the United States, yet the only solutions on the market thus far are residential clinical studies or expensive CPAP machines.

The medical establishment’s lack of progress in Sleep Apnea research has lead to massive frustration from the millions of sufferers, as their symptoms will remain unchecked until there is an accessible product for everyone.


The breakthrough in Sleep Apnea research

Cognition Life Science have achieved a major breakthrough in Sleep Apnea Research, as they have discovered a solution that will provide hope for the millions of Sleep Apnea suffers in the United States and worldwide.

Raj Pamnani and his diligent team at Cognition Life Science have made it their quest to provide a pharmaceutical solution for Sleep Apnea.

By having this clear vision, Cognition Life Science and Raj Pamnani have invested heavily in Sleep Apnea research to reach a major breakthrough.

Cognition Life Science’s concerted efforts in Sleep Apnea Research have discovered a product that could change the way the disease is treated.

Imagine the hope this creates in Sleep Apnea sufferers?

  • No more residential clinical studies!
  • No more uncomfortable face masks or expensive CPAP machines!

Imagine if you could solve your Sleep Apnea just by taking a pill?

Why Cognition Life Science are the leaders in Sleep Apnea research

Cognition Life Science, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company from Tampa, Florida.

Their mission is to explore, acquire and develop proprietary formulations to treat major pervasive medical conditions and diseases such as:-

  • Sleep Disorders such as Sleep Apnea
  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzeimer’s
  • Mental Acuity
  • Pain Management

Cognition Life Science utilise two approaches to achieve success:-

  1. They look to collaborate with researchers and institutes developing novel formulations which address markets with annual or potential sales of over $1 billion.
  2. They cross-reference generic drugs and expired patents to find compounds which are intended to reach the brain, with an objective to reformulate with intranasal delivery.

Cognition Life Science have already identified two prescription (Rx) drugs which meet their criteria.


The solution to Sleep Apnea Research

Given their massive strides forward in their mission, Cognitive Life Science are confident they have found a solution to Sleep Apnea available nowhere else in the market.

Cognitive Life Science have discovered a pharmaceutical product in the form of a pill that will cure Sleep Apnea, which will change the way the disease is treated.

Clearly, Raj Pamnani and his team at Cognitive Life Science will continue to progress and build on their exciting achievements in Sleep Apnea Research.

So, if you are a Sleep Apnea sufferer, an investor, or just interested in Sleep Apnea Research, can you afford not to follow the successes of Raj Pamnani and Cognitive Life Science?

Cognition Life Science