Find the balance of life in wilderness

In this super stressed daily life, where a man is always surrounded by work pressures and tension. Besides this, after the introduction of the electronic era the man has forgot how to remain connected to the outside world, to the nature. This has put serious implications over the young generation that is pretty apparent in the worsening health conditions of man and in his indulgence to addictive materials like drugs and alcohol.

For the betterment of the masses, several initiatives have come across a new concept, a new therapy named as the ‘wilderness therapy’. It is well known for its distinctive healing properties that help an individual to successfully battle the demon of addiction with an exposure to the Mother Nature.

Often called as the eco-therapy, the wilderness therapy program generally involves expeditions to heart of the nature, resulting into therapeutic interventions. There are several benefits of this wilderness therapy program for adults such as:

  • It impacts the brain chemistry with very soothing effects over the mind and body.
  • It gives you a break from the regular society impacts.
  • Connecting to the nature has led us to several self-discoveries bringing back the balance as well as self-confidence in life.
  • Keeps your body away from several diseases such as reducing the stress hormone, blood pressure, relaxing mind and much more.

This wilderness therapy center offers in total four different programs to choose.Thus, you get multiple options from where you can choose your path towards recovery. The various programs offered by Seven Ponds and where you can apply are:

  1. Wilderness Program,
  2. The Images Program,
  3. The Idyllic Intervention Program and
  4. The Narrow Gate program.

Seven Ponds initiative offers wide number of solutions to battle through the addiction and depression withthe exclusive wilderness therapy program for adults. This centeroffers advanced Treatment & Renewal solutions by keeping youclose to nature. The Seven Ponds Ranch is an 80 acre large, peaceful, and spacious place situatedin Idyllic Bennington, Oklahoma to enjoy nature. The programs include visiting the local nature attractions mainly.