Skokie Rehab Centers Affected by Illinois Budget Impasse

Bad News for Well-Intended Rehab Centers in and Around Skokie

Sadly, recent news has been published saying that a well-known and well-recognized rehab center known as the Stepping Stones Rehabilitation Center of Joliet is now being forced to suspend substance use treatment for people whose services are paid for by the Illinois Department of Human Services and those seeking intensive residential, intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment.  Though the facility is not being shut down completely, these changes do strongly limit just who these services can be provided to, essentially.

Due to the recent state budget impasse, Stepping Stones has not been paid for services provided after July the 1st or reimbursed through general revenue funds administered by DHS or the Illinois Department of Corrections, according to the news release.  Basically the center has been providing free services and now just for the purpose of being able to stay open it now must severely limit whom it can treat.

Now there is a drug rehabilitation Skokie available for any individuals who need a free temporary rehab until they get back on their feet. A drug rehab program is extremely important in order for the individuals to get their lives back and they are offering this for free since the Stepping Stones Rehabilitation Center will be partially shutting down.

What this Means for Those Addicted in Skokie

Sadly, those who are addicted in Skokie see this as very, very bad news indeed.  For these individuals, the situation could not get much worse as they will now be forced to look elsewhere for treatment. Thankfully the drug rehab Skokie is now available since, with the growing drug and alcohol addiction risks in the nation it becomes very difficult for such individuals to even be able to continue to seek out such programs as the number of addicts are growing but the number of treatment centers is actually lessening in the greater Chicago area and in Skokie specifically, not increasing. This is why in order for the alcohol and drug problem to diminish, the state of Illinois is trying its hardest to ensure there’s a rehab in all the cities including a drug rehabilitation Illinois and a drug rehabilitation Chicago.

To maintain overall service levels and prevent workforce reductions, Stepping Stones will attempt to serve more persons with Medicaid and private insurance so that it can try to keep its door open and still service some of those individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Unless an appropriation of state general revenue funds is approved, there is no assurance that payment will be forthcoming though.  During the course of the state’s months-long state budget impasse, treatment centers like Stepping Stones have been placed under unprecedented pressure to stay open in spite of lack of state payments.

This has resulted in many who are addicted in Skokie to have to look into other options and remedies to beat addiction once and for all.  This is certainly doable, though it might take some work on the behalf of those addicted and afflicted with these types of habits.  Truthfully speaking, it is times like these that call for those who are addicted to seek out inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.  With help from programs like these, it is highly likely that those addicted in Skokie will still be able to get the help that they so desperately need and then some.