Is liposuction the best option for weight loss?

Liposuction is often seen as the best ticket towards weight loss. It offers a faster method of getting rid of fat in the problematic areas of the body, such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs. Through this procedure, a lot of individuals were able to achieve their target body figure, not to mention lose significant amount of weight.

But is liposuction always the best option to lose weight?

If you are thinking about undergoing the procedure, then it is best to look at how liposuction actually works and how it can affect your overall wellbeing. This is mainly because the procedure is not for everyone-in fact, there are people who, despite their conditions, are still not allowed to undergo a liposuction procedure as this may put a toll on their overall health.


Before deciding on taking a liposuction procedure, here are some things to look at:

Your present medical condition

There are times when a person is overweight, but in terms of physical fitness, he or she is still deemed fit. This means that they can easily get rid of the excess fat in their body through proper diet and rigorous exercise.

There are also people who, despite being physically fit, have excess fat concentrated on specific parts of their body which cannot be easily removed by non-invasive methods. If you happen to be one of these people, then perhaps liposuction can give you better results. This is because the procedure can be done in preferred target areas, unlike diet and exercise wherein fat is eliminated in a more holistic manner.

It is best that you consult a medical professional first in order to determine if you are fit to undergo liposuction. With a doctor’s recommendation, you not only avoid issues that may arise during and after the procedure, but also max out the benefits of liposuction for a longer period of time.

The target areas

Liposuction was developed as a solution for fat deposits embedded on certain areas of the body that cannot be easily reached by diet and exercise. These include the upper arms since their muscles are not utilized on a regular basis, as well as the inner thighs, back, and abdomen. Sure, diet and exercise may help get rid of the fat, but it takes more time for results to resonate compared to a spot on procedure.

In this regard, liposuction is recommended to people who are suffering from this situation for a long time already. Through this procedure, fat elimination is done in a faster manner, and afterwards they can proceed with toning and muscle conditioning.

Recovery period

Recovery time from liposuction usually takes at least three weeks to a few months, depending on the areas treated, as well as the type of procedure conducted on the patient. Procedures involving laser technology may take faster to heal, while the traditional procedure takes longer due to the incisions made on the target areas of the body.

Recovering from a liposuction procedure may also require a lot of bed rest, and it should also be followed up with aftercare maintenance such as proper diet and regular exercise, to help the body adjust to the changes. Not doing so may result to the return of the unwanted fat, which can be more difficult to remove even by means of surgery.