Remove Toxic Metals From Your Body With The Help Of Detoxamin

As an over the counter drug that contains edetate calcium disodium or EDTA, Detoxaminwas first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in the year 1953 for Chelation therapy. The drug was used for a treatment that removed toxic metals from the human body. With the passage of time, people have had access to various types of EDTA treatments.

The usage of the drug Detoxamin offers patients certain benefits of these treatments while at the same time it also provides them with additional advantages over other methods which are used in chelation therapy. Thus, it is preferred by a majority of people and it is easily available in the market as well which makes it all the more viable for people.

Toxic metal poisoning can often lead to many physiological and psychological symptoms that can have an adverse effect on the human body. To tackle this very problem in the human body, the drug Detoxamin is used to reduce metals which are acquired through natural exposure to the modern environment. As a matter of fact, the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services believes that high levels of lead and mercury in the human body can often lead to irritability, digestive disorders or problems in the nervous system, fatigue and various other symptoms which can hamper the optimal functioning of the human body. As a treatment for chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, prostate health and various other common conditions which are related to ageing and prolonged exposure to heavy metals, Detoxamin is preferable. The drug’s primary ingredient EDTA was first approved for this particular purpose back in the year 1953.

When it comes to administering a dosage of Detoxamin, it is done through rectal suppositories. For the majority of the twentieth century, EDTA chelation therapy was administered intravenously to patients. The IV EDTA therapy costs more money and is more invasive than Detoxamin. It is thus an inconvenient option for patients who mostly choose to go for Detoxamin. An article published by the American Nutraceutical Association compared the effects of IV EDTA treatment to the rectal suppositories which are used in the dosage of Detoxamin. The article stated that the Detoxamin method was as effective as IV therapy in exposing the body to EDTA. The doctor who wrote the article said that Detoxamin’s EDTA actually resides in the bloodstream and body longer than the IV or oral dosage which offers great health benefits. The good thing about Detoxamin is that it is readily available and doesn’t need a prescription whereas IV treatments and other anti-aging products require a prescription.