Dealing With the Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are not very common, but knowing what to do when such an emergency arises may help saving the tooth or saving it from losing it completely. Acut inside the mouth or a cracked tooth are a few such conditions that require immediate dental attention.  The problems like cavities and gum diseases do not develop suddenly, but in case of neglect the pain andsensitivity,you may require an immediate dental care. To understand a dental emergency is easy, but to understand what to do about it till you reach your dentist is something that not many people know.  Here are a few dental emergency conditions and ways to deal with them when you do not have your dentist around.

Cracked tooth – When you see a cracked or a broken tooth, contact your dentist immediately and till the time you reach his clinic rinse your mouth using warm water and also use a cold pack outside the area affected.

Damaged braces- Not all the cases of the damaged braces require a dentist, but some would require you to make a visit immediately.

A jaw injury- Apply a cold pack to the jaw if u think that your jaw has broken till the time you make it to your doctor.

Loose tooth –If you see that one of your tooth is being dislocated,take no time to get to the dentist. To be able to reach dentist on time can save your tooth. If the pain is severe, you can also consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever and also use a cold pack in the area affected.

A knocked out tooth- Hold the tooth by its crown and rinse the tooth to remove dirt. Don not scrub the tooth andattempt to reinsert it. If it does not work, reach your dentist quickly.  Reserve the tooth in the milk till the time you reach the doctor.

Loosing the filling – When the fillings fall out call your dentist andmake an appointment.To decrease the sensitivity try to apply clove oil in the area.

Something stuck between the teeth- If something gets between your teeth, gently try to remove with the dental floss. If it does not come out, call your dentist. He might want you to reach him soon, depending upon the situation.

Swelling and pain – You may have an abscess in the tooth that is causing you that severe pain. This might at times lead to serious systemic infection. Try to rinse your mouth with saltwater or apply clove oil to get relieved from pain.

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