The Anti-Cleanse: A Non-Gimmicky Way To Drink Your Nutrients

Cleanses, detox diets, liquid diets—these all refer to diets that flush your system for a few days with high-liquid, low-solid intake. While many people may tout these as efficient ways to clear toxins from your body, they can actually be highly problematic. These trendy diets may cause more harm than good, especially if you are older or face certain health conditions.

An anti-cleanse, which is high in protein and other nutrients, is a far better way to maintain a healthy diet.

Dangers of a Cleanse

A detox diet may not actually detox. There is little evidence to suggest that they actually clean toxins out of your body, and on top of that, they can actually be perilous and counterproductive. The reasons for this include:

  • Low calories: The absence of calorie intake is often counterproductive. If over three days you consume nothing but liquids, your body enters a starvation mode during which it slows your metabolism to store up as many calories as possible. Since a strong metabolism helps control weight, this process will actually undermine your weight loss efforts.
  • Low protein: The low nutrients of liquid diets, particularly protein, can negatively impact your health. The effects include lowered disease immunity and decreased energy and strength.
  • General misery:Deficiencies in nutrients will leave you feeling poorly with effects such as headaches, hunger pangs, irritable bowels, and general moodiness. Those with diabetes should definitely avoid liquid cleanses since they can lead to unstable blood sugar levels.

Ultimately, eating healthfully is far better than subsisting on a thin diet of fruit juices for a few days. Cleanses give you little in the way of nutrients, whereas an anti-cleanse will go a long way toward supplementing a healthy diet.

Alternatives to Cleanses

An anti-cleanse is everything a cleanse is not. Bringing smoothies rich in protein and nutrients into your diet will help your body continue functioning properly. For example, rather than spending three days consuming nothing more substantial than lemon juice and cayenne pepper, consider adding a smoothie with banana, cocoa, and tofu to a normal, healthy diet.

For those looking for non-gimmicky ways to get their nutrients each day, liquid protein and smoothie options are available through various vendors, including Nashua Nutrition.