Dental Implants – Complete Explanation about the Procedure of Dental Implant

Well positioned, sparkling white and shaped teeth and a beautiful smile enhance the personality of a person and that is what is done by means of cosmetic dentistry. Treatments performed under cosmetic dentistry require artistic skills. It is not a mere science. There are numerous treatments offered by cosmetic dentists. Dental implants are one of them.

With the help of this method, dental issues such as broken teeth, irregular shape of teeth, missing teeth and gum disease are solved effectively. In this article we will learn about dental implants in detail.

How dental implants are an improved version of other dental methods?

Other dental methods lay emphasis on oral hygiene. The procedures implemented under this field focus on identification, prevention, and treatment of oral disease. On the other hand dental implants not only address and solve dental issues but also improve the look of overall face that includes smile, teeth, and mouth

Unlike artificial and different looks offered by other dental treatments, adopting cosmetic dental implants gives you natural appearance of the teeth and smile.

  • Dental implant procedure


In this step the patient talks about the dental requirement to the dentist. The cosmetic dentists in Houston have gained worldwide reputation in performing state of the art cosmetic treatments to the patients. The dentist in Houston TX carries out a detailed assessment of the oral health, medical history and recommends the best possible dental implant treatment to solve your dental issue.

Examination of the mouth

In this step the regions in the mouth are identified where teeth are found to be broken or missing. Also, the density and strength of bone available to assist the placement of dental implants is also determined. A three dimensional CT scan is conducted to perform the detailed and precise examination of the mouth.

Placing dental implants

Patient is given anesthesia before starting to remove the teeth needed for the treatment. Now dental implants are placed in the bone of the jaw region by means of minor surgical technique. After placing the implants, replacement teeth are placed onto the implants. This completes the process in just a single visit.

Periodic follow ups and maintenance

Though dental implants give you a long lasting relief from the dental issue, but it is important to take a good care in the form of regular follow-ups. You need to follow the guidelines and cleaning rules as mentioned by the dentist to ensure better condition of the implants.

Losing a teeth cost you more than just hampering the appearance of mouth. Dental implant is the best possible way to improve your physical appearance, self-esteem, and quality of life.