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A lot of people experience age-related changes that have a great impact on their line of vision. One of the most common issues among adults is sagging skin. It is the condition where the eyelid extremely sag thus hooding the line of vision. Hence, who experience this type of condition usually considers eyelid surgery as their resort.

Eyelid surgery price

However, some people hold back because of the expensive price that comes with the eyelid surgery. They did not know that there’s a good way to cut the cost of this type of procedure. If you are on tight budget and you think that eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a must in your case, then eye lift surgery covered by medicare would be of great help.


In the past, medicare services usually treat eye surgery, frequently covering some or even the entire cost of the eyelid surgery. Under eyelid surgery, the drooping eyelid skin is removed in order to restore the normal line of vision of the patients. One of the best benefits of undergoing this type of procedure is that enhance the look of the eyelids leaving a younger and refreshed appearance to the person.

Medicare for non-elective surgeries

At present, there is no doubt that there is an evident increase of patients who undergo eyelid surgery procedure. And this rising tide is greatly attributed to medicare services. Medicare financing options for eyelid surgery are ideally intended for medical purposes, provided that the surgery is not elective. Say for instance, if the patient decides to undergo upper eyelid surgery because he only wants to improve his looks, then it’s not considered an elective, which could less likely be qualified into a medicare service.

On the other hand, if there is a need for the patient to undergo surgery because he has extreme case of sagging skin that hoods his line of vision, then he may considered for medicare services. When availed, the insurance firm will be the one to pay portion or the entire cost.

What are the requirements to avail medicare service?

Keep in mind that most insurance firms cover eyelid surgery when the requirements are met. Here are the prerequisites in order to avail medicare services:

  • Recorded photo of the drooping eyelid (It must be excessively sagging in order to qualify).
  • Documented clinical examination by your primary health care provider
  • Documented improvement in your line of vision with tape compared to without tape

Eyelid surgery can be costly, though the price depending on several factors such as the type of procedure, the techniques used and the level of skills of the surgeon. In order to save significant bucks from undergoing this type of surgery, a lot of patients avail medicare service. But wait, aside from the costs, make sure to be clear on how to speed up eye bag surgery recovery time.

As conclusion, medicare services for eyelid surgery is basically intended for people who have extreme case of sagging skin. Hence, if you want to undergo blepharoplasty due to cosmetic purposes, and not medically inspired, then you might want to shell out some of your money for a successful eyelid surgery.