Get In Shape With Rope Training

Sooner or later, fitness trends go out of style and then they come back again, and one the those trends are battle ropes. These ropes are large, heavy and they are great to use for building muscle and to tone up. However, these ropes are not new and they have been found in martial arts gyms, football training routines, personal training and boxing ring routines for years now.

  1. The Art Of Undulation: Battle ropes involve using a rope and waving it up and down, but it is a tough workout. It is a workout that involves weighted ropes or creating patterns that are wave-like with your body. This workout works every single muscle in your body, including the core and there are various cardiovascular benefits. Training with ropes on a regular basis can help increase endurance and it is low impact, which means newbies should be able to do it, as well as injured athletes and gym-goers who are dedicated will find that this is a great workout to do.
  2. It’s A Complex Workout: Battle ropes are ideal for people who want to build muscle or if they want to tone up, but don’t want to train with heavy weights. When you train with ropes, then you will be using various muscle groups. This means your body will be training harder and it will burn fat and build lean muscle mass.
  3. Beginning Your Training: Your regular sessions should consist of using ropes. You can check out the exercises below and then do 3-4 intervals of each. Eventually you can go up to six intervals as your confidence grows.
  4. Rope Exercises: The most common exercise to do with ropes is the wave, but make sure you are in a slightly squatted position and keep your knees bent. Your back needs to be kept straight, and make sure the elbows remain at your side. This exercise is very easy to do. Also, you can alternative pumping your arms, as this will create alternating waves.

The slam targets your back, arms, shoulders and core. You want to slam the rope onto the floor with full force, but after you lift the rope’s ends as high as they can go. Before taking a break, you’ll want to repeat the movement for as many reps as you can for a period of 30 seconds.

Circles is another exercise you can do. Hold both ends of the rope in both of your hands, and then move them in a large clockwise circle for 30 seconds. Make sure the rope is being swung in circle.

Flyes target your back and arms. Squat down and hold the rope’s ends in each hand. Whip the rope in tandem, but your arms should be in front of you.

Wrestling throws can tightened and tone your core. Grab both ends of the rope. Now you will want to flip the entire rope over, while pivoting from the waist. Keep on doing this and by the end of the set, you should be feeling the burn.

The burpee slam is a good exercise too. Simply complete three hard slams and then do three burpees. Do this for about a minute straight and don’t rest. Take a rest after you have done the movement for a minute.

Are you interested in learning more about rope training and learning about what other exercises you can do? If so, then head to your local gym and speak with one of the trainers there. A good trainer will be able to teach you how to do rope exercises properly and they can show you more exercises you can do and they can explain what benefits you may experience by training with ropes. If you want to find out more about rope training, how it can help you and how often you should do it, then a trainer should be able to help you, so speak with a fitness trainer about rope training as soon as possible.