Blepharoplasty – Separating the Facts from Myths

Due to age-related changes, heredity, environmental or other factors, the delicate skin of your upper eyelids and the skin under your eyes often begins to sag, droop, or look puffy, resulting in a tired, sad or aged appearance. Blepharoplasty, also called eyelid surgery, can rejuvenate the eyes, which are the focal point of the face, thus endowing patients with a more youthful and rested appearance.

Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids, or even both. It helps improve the appearance of puffy eyes by removing excess fatty deposits that cause the puffiness in the upper eyelids. This surgery can also be performed on loose or sagging skin around the upper eyelids. This loose or sagging skin can cause vision problems which can be corrected by undergoing the eyelid surgery procedure. Lower eyelid surgery can correct bags under the eyes, excess skin under the eyes and a drooping of the lower eyelid. After undergoing this procedure, recovery is brief while results are long lasting. It invigorates the surrounding area of your eyes, giving you a younger looking and renewed appearance.


Every blepharoplasty procedure must be custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The condition of the eyelids and surrounding face as well as your overall health will determine the details of the surgery. Operating times will vary with the extent of changes and the scope of the operation. Typically, the operation is performed under local anaesthesia with oral sedation. This means that medication will be administered to make you more comfortable before an injection is given to numb the area being treated. The surgery can take 45-60 minutes for upper or lower eyelid correction. Having the procedure performed on both the upper or lower eyelids can take 90 minutes or more.

Ideal candidates are those who are healthy without any major eye problems, and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Most people who have undergone this procedure have achieved their aesthetic goals and experienced immense boost in their self-esteem and confidence.

The surgery can be performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia, and will take approximately one to three hours to complete. It is usually done in a surgical facility as an outpatient procedure. Sometimes, a forehead lift and/or a face lift may be recommended along with the eyelid surgery to achieve the best aesthetic harmony of the upper and lower face. Swelling, discoloration and bruising are likely to occur and will disappear within a few weeks. To learn even more about what blepharoplasty entails, along with the recuperation, and potential risks associated with this procedure, a thorough consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is recommended.

Just like any other surgery, complications are normal. However, blepharoplasty complications are not common. If they come they will include bleeding, infection, double vision and even loss of vision. If you have previous problems with high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid problem, this could add to the complication. It is best to discuss it with your doctor before undergoing blepharoplasty. This procedure is quite reasonable in terms of price. Check if your insurance provider covers it so that you do not have to spend money on it if otherwise can be paid by your insurance. Be wise when selecting the right blepharoplasty surgeon for your service. Do your research, consult widely and be open to all possibilities.

Recovery from blepharoplasty is similar to recovery to other facial surgeries. There could be mild aching or burning which can be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses. There can also be puffiness, swelling and discoloration after the procedure. These symptoms can last for a few weeks or more depending on the scope of the surgery performed. Your doctor will go over the post-operation procedure with you as well as schedule any follow-up visits necessary to monitor your healing and progress.

The end results of the

blepharoplasty procedure will be improved appearance and even improved vision.The eyes are a very important facial feature and they are also the first onesto show signs of aging. The eyelids are a major part of the eyes and eyesurgery can dramatically improve the appearance of the eyelids producing a moreyouthful and rested appearance. This is one of the most satisfying facialcosmetic procedures as it has short recovery time and its end results are longlasting.