5 Ways to Get Fit as a New Mum

Whether you kept fit before your pregnancy and want to get back to your old self, or simply want to shed that uncomfortable weight after the pregnancy, finding a routine and more importantly the energy to stick to it is a mammoth task.

Thankfully there are ways for you to get into shape without letting your brand new bundle of joy out of eyesight.

Below we have put together five of the best exercises and fitness routines for you to try out which are proven to bring you back to a more comfortable you.


The first and arguably easiest step is to get your little one out in that brand new pushchair and go for a walk.

You might not be comfortable going for a run at this stage (and your baby can’t exactly run with you) so walking is the perfect compromise.

Try turning all of those short car journeys into walks (be it a trip to the shops or to see your friend) and if it’s nice out get outside and make the most of it.

While we wouldn’t normally see walking as too strenuous, it will do you more good than you realise, especially when you are pushing that pushchair full of shopping back up the hill to your house.

This brilliant piece from Live Strong helps you calculate roughly how many calories you can lose per walk with your baby pushchair.

Floor Exercises

Thankfully there are a number of different exercises you can do in the comfort of your own living room or bedroom without even putting your baby down.

For curl-ups, try lying flat on your back with your baby sat upright on your stomach, so they are always looking at you. Try curling your head and shoulders from a flat lying down position to sitting level with your baby.

Alternatively, you can try a reverse curl, which involves placing your baby on your shins which will be at a right angle with your body as you lay down. Rock your knees to your chest holding your baby the whole time; this can quite easily be made into a game of peek-a-boo while you work your abs on the sly.

For upper body work outs try gentle bench presses using your baby as the weight (you’ll be surprised how heavy they get so quickly). Either lie flat on your back and lift them directly above you, or sit up straight and lift them in front of you, either will feel like a game to them which really helps you.

Standing Exercises

There are also a number of great stretches and exercises you can keep up around the home that involve standing.

There is no doubt that looking after a young baby is exhausting, you’re up and around on your feet all day, so why not make the most of that?

Lunges and squats can work well in an open space of your home, as you can play with baby in your arms at the same time, swinging them as you go up and down.

Another place to take advantage of is the stairs in your home, if indeed you have them. An incline is great for your heart rate and consistent work on them will do your thighs and calves a world of good.

Fitness DVDs

It’s fair to say babies aren’t shy of a nap or two, so when they do drop off during the day, it gives you a little bit of time to yourself.

This is the perfect time to tackle some slightly more vigorous exercise, however you can’t really go too far afield for your workout, so why not try a DVD?

There are more workout DVDs than ever with a wide range of different intensities, so if those high energy ones from Davina McCall look a bit much for you at this point, there will be plenty more alternatives available.

Mummy Fit Classes

While a return to the gym might well be out of the question, there is a growing number of fitness classes targeted at new mums to help them get back to a comfortable weight.

The Shrewsbury Club is one such fitness club which offers a range of different mummy fit classes which are of differing intensity, so there is something for every new mum.

A Shrewsbury Club spokesperson told us: “We have a range of different postand pre-natal classes to help mums of all abilities get to a more comfortable place.”

“From Pilates to swimming classes and even intense boot camp sessions, there is a wide range and during all of them we welcome mums to bring their babies along, because struggling to find a babysitter shouldn’t get in the way of your health.”

If you are just about to have a baby and are worried about your body afterwards, or have just had one and are looking to get into shape then hopefully at least one of these tips will slot into your weekly routine.

Having a child can be a great excuse to slacken off but there are more ways than ever to ensure you can keep as active and healthy as you once were, so go try a couple out.